Wheater Ale - Homebrewing Experiments

We love beer. We love to make it, we love to drink it, and we love to talk about it. 

Whiskey? Ditto.

Beer + Whiskey = 2 x Awesome + Intangibles

So we set out to make a whiskey beer, or more specifically, a "Wheater" Ale. Basically took a modified grain bill of Maker's Mark and brewed it (no, it's not mostly corn). It smells awesome. But we didn't want to stop there, so we added dry-hops into the secondary along with some charred oak that had been sitting in Maker's Mark (along with the bourbon). 

And it gave us our first chance to try out our latest gadget, the Wizard. The Wizard is quite a beastly tool for homebrewers; it's really just a one-to-one swap with your current stopper+airlock, but it sits in your brew and agitates your carboy on demand. No lifting. No swirling. No handling. In fact, no exposing your beer to the elements at all. We're using it in the secondary in this batch, but could we use it in the primary? You betcha! That's next. We might even use it in our mash tun to see if we can increase efficiency a little bit. The Wizard is made of food-safe high density polyethylene (HDPE). We'll post updates soon.

For now, we just wanted to show you what it does in a carboy. A video can only do so much justice though, you gotta feel the carboy or barrel it's in to really appreciate it. Cheers!