Accelerated barrel maturation in any size barrel

Hertzbier is a craft beverage technology company whose products promote faster barrel maturation of spirits, wine and beer. Our mission is to bring innovations to the marketplace that provide new capabilities for drinks producers to refine and expand their craft and to push the limits of what's possible. As weekday engineers and weekend homebrewers (RDWHAHB), we design our products for versatility; we know that if it will fit in a carboy, it will also fit into a barrel.

Our latest device, The Wizard, is a rubber stopper mounted agitation tool. It's designed to fit into a Better Bottle carboy, which makes it useful for any size barrel as well. Planning on using a bung with your barrel or a stopper/airlock on your carboy? Of course you are!

Why not get a lot more out of it? 

5 gallons of homebrew, racked to secondary, with the addition of 2oz of east kent goldings, #3 char oak sticks, and 12 oz of Maker's Mark. That's just how we do.

Wizard prototype for barrel-aging (no airlock, #10 stopper).

Wizard prototype for barrel-aging (no airlock, #10 stopper).

The Wizard was born out of our experience and lessons learned with The Symphony (R.I.P). The Symphony was a wirelessly-powered, in-barrel agitation tool that accelerated the natural processes that transpire during barrel aging. Like The Symphony, The Wizard is completely food-safe, hygienic, and BPA-free.  

The idea of accelerated barrel-maturation certainly isn't new, it's just proven to be really difficult. In spite of the challenges, there's still plenty of interest in accelerating the process (see 1, 2, 3 and 4). In fact, some techniques go as far as putting barrels on boats just to get the wave action into them (see 5).

Hertzbier's Wizard is designed to enhance and accelerate your barrel-aging process. It works with virtually any size barrel. The agitation is effective without being intrusive. 

Our vision is to be the standard for all future distilleries, wineries and breweries. Please drop us an email below to receive future news & updates.